Scale Phobia


I’m trying to get all my annual health exams done by the end of this week. Physical and blood work with my primary care physician. Skin exam by my dermatologist. Pap smear by my gyno (which is always … traumatizing). Follow-up and colonoscopy with my gastroenterologist (yay, ulcerative colitis!!). Six month dental cleaning. Eye exam… you get the picture. I want ... Read More »

Fasted Cardio: Thumbs Up or Thumbs Down?

The view from my morning LISS cardio on the stepmill. Because I know you care.

Some people will tell you that early morning cardio on an empty stomach is one of the most effective ways to burn fat. Others say it’s catastrophic to muscle mass and will wreak havoc on your metabolism. So which is it? The answer, unfortunately, is not quite so simple. Just as there’s no diet or exercise plan that will perfectly ... Read More »

The Plight of Miss Pennsylvania: A Rant


  I never watch television. I mean, never.  Mostly because I can generally think of 58743894739 other things I’d rather be doing than encouraging the systematic suicide of my brain cells by subjecting them to the garbage of modern tv media. However, Sunday night I was exhausted after working all weekend to meet a deadline. Normally, I’ll read or write ... Read More »

Momentum is a Cruel Mistress


If you haven’t seen this piece by Nike, take three minutes to watch it below. I promise it’s worth the time. I listen to it almost every morning right after my alarm goes off at 4:30, and it has a powerful way of lighting a fire in my belly no matter how exhausted I am. As you watch the clip, ... Read More »

Socializing Without Consumption


I was recently having a text conversation with a friend who’s coming to visit in a few days. He wanted to catch up and asked if I’d like to go for a run or something while he’s in town. Since my neck is all jacked up, that’s out of the question, but we made plans to go for a walk downtown instead ... Read More »

Why Do We Fail?


…and perhaps more importantly, why do we view failure as a bad thing? Failure is an inevitable part of life. Before you can succeed, you must fail — sometimes once, sometimes hundreds of times. Edison failed over 1,000 times before successfully inventing the light bulb. There’s a popular quote which states that the only thing guaranteed in life is death, but that’s not quite ... Read More »

Why YOU Should Be a Morning Person


One of the fondest, albeit characteristically quirky, memories of my childhood involves listening to my mom sing the “Good Morning Song” to my little sister: Good morning, good morning, good morning, It’s time to rise and shine! Good morning, good morning, good morning, I hope you’re feeling fine! Come on, get up, get out of bed, It’s time to get ... Read More »

The End of an Era


Those of you who know me personally are aware that in February, 2010, just a couple months before I left for my Transamerica bike ride, I was hit by a truck….while on my bike. The details aren’t really relevant to this post so I’ll keep it simple. A F150 t-boned me. My bike frame was destroyed. The driver’s bumper, which had the ... Read More »

The Power of Enthusiasm


I had a boyfriend once (yes! it’s true! I really did!!) who would irritate the living daylights out of me in the morning. He’d spring out of bed with the energy of someone in the middle of a cocaine binge and shout “It’s time to make the donuts!” (apparently that was a line from an old Dunkin Donuts commercial) My ... Read More »

Weighing in on “Fit Mom” Maria Kang

The internet is so full of junk, and although I’m often tempted to go off on diatribes over the latest viral time-wasters, I remind myself that my energy is far better spent elsewhere. But I can’t help myself with this one. The “What’s Your Excuse” controversy sparked by “Fit Mom,” Maria Kang has me fired up. For those of you ... Read More »