10 Gift ideas for the fitness junkies in your life

Some of the most difficult people to shop for can be fitness nuts. And although there is a ton of cool fitness gear and gadgets on the market, most of it may be more than you want to spend. To help out, I have put together the following list of ten awesome gifts for the fitness junkies in your life. With prices ranging from $10-$200, there’s sure to be something to fit everyone’s budget. Enjoy!


1. Garmin Forerunner 10

$129, www.garmin.com

Garmin rules GPS devices.  When it comes to fitness, various Garmin gadgets give athletes the capability to measure and track almost any statistic they desire – but sometimes,we only really want to know two things: speed and distance. Garmin’s latest addition to the Forerunner family, the Forerunner 10, provides just that.  The Forerunner 10 comes in three color options, pink, green and black (the pink and green have smaller faces, ideal for women and those with smaller wrists). At $129, the price tag is friendlier than Garmin’s other devices, making it the perfect option for those who do not need tech overload and who don’t want to spend a fortune on a GPS watch.

2. Jimi Wallet

$17, www.thejimi.com

I <3 the Jimi Wallet. Anyone who has carried cash and credit cards in a ziploc bag as a water resistant makeshift wallet will love it too. The Jimi is a small, thin plastic wallet that is lightweight, waterproof and shockproof. It will hold your ID, credit cards, and money securely in one place without getting your slimy, sweaty grossness all over it. The wallet comes in 12 cool colors, and at $15, it’s an inexpensive little gift that the athlete or outdoor enthusiast will find cool and useful.

3. Gym Boss

$19, www.gymboss.com

For any type of interval training, including HIIT and tabata, it’s necessary to have a timer that beeps to indicate start/stop times.The Gym Boss is a great little audible timer that clips to your clothes. The possibilities are endless with the Gym Boss because it allows you to customize up to 99 intervals however you want. If you prefer to workout with music, you can set the Gym Boss to vibrate alert to indicate intervals.



4. Yurbuds Sport Headphones:

$29-$59, www.yurbuds.com

If you train with music, and you happen to sweat, chances are you’ve experienced the irritation of having to mess with earbuds that keep falling out. Yurbuds has solved this problem with uniquely shaped buds that have a “twistlock” technology guaranteed to hold the buds in place during the most intense workouts. Another awesome feature of Yurbuds is the cloth coated cords which keep them from tangling up in your gym bag. The different models range in price from $29-$59, making them pricier than regular earbuds, but worth the extra cost to have a quality set of headphones that can withstand tough workouts.

5. Hydryx Workout Towel

$17, www.accufitness.com

That’s right – it’s a towel…but the hydryx workout towel is no ordinary gym towel. Whats awesome about this towel is that it is incredibly absorbent and cooling. It can hold over five times its weight in water and when it gets wet, it becomes cool to the touch. It measures 26×17 inches, making it the perfect size for a gym towel. Retail: $17



6. Bobble water bottle

$10, www.waterbobble.com

The Bobble is an awesome BPA-free water bottle with an internal filtration system. Each Bobble filter purifies enough water to fill 300 single-serve water bottles, making it an environmentally friendly alternative to disposable plastic bottles. The 18.5 oz. Bobble retails for about $10 and replacement filters can be purchased for $7 in a variety of colors.

7. Bulu Box

$10-$110, www.bulubox.com

The Bulu Box would make a great gift for the workout nut on your list who always has a 5lb container of protein powder and multiple supplements sitting on their kitchen counter. The Bulu Box is a supplement subscription – each month, the recipient is shipped a box containing 4-5 supplement samples. If they like the sample and wish to purchase it, they can then buy it through Bulu Box at a discounted price. Subscription prices vary – a single month costs $10, and a full year is $110 (shipping is included).

8. Hamilton Beach Personal Blender

$19, www.hamiltonbeach.com

I love my Hamilton Beach Personal Blender. When I mix up a protein shake, I’m only doing one at a time, so this little single-serve blender is perfect – less mess to clean up and you can drink straight out of the canister – which means fewer dirty dishes. These blenders have durable little motors that quickly pulverize ice and frozen fruit. The canister has a 14 oz. capacity and is dishwasher safe. It also comes in several cool colors. For $19, this is another great, low-cost gift idea.

9. Gaiam Touch Trainer Heart Rate Monitor

$100, www.gaiam.com

For on-demand heart rate monitoring, the Touch Trainer by Gaiam is a great option. Instead of wearing a traditional chest strap, users can touch their index fingers to the watch for an instant read of their heart rate. If they wish to have continuous monitoring, the Touch Trainer can be paired with a chest strap; however, for zone training, instant periodic reads is sufficient for those who find chest straps annoying. The touch screen allows users to easily scroll between heart rate, calories burned, and workout time. Another great feature of the Touch Trainer is that it is significantly smaller than most heart receivers on the market, looking more like a chic watch than a bulky heart rate monitor. Retail: $100.


10. T-Fal Acti-Fry

$200, www.tfalactifry.com

At $200, the T-Fal Acti-Fry is the most expensive item on this list… but damn, it is cool! The Acti-fry’s patented technology allows users to fry foods with minimal oil, resulting in (get this!) low-fat fried goodies! One tablespoon of oil will fry 2 pounds of french fries. The whole thing can be disassembled and washed in the dishwasher. While traditional fryers require vegetable oil, the Acti-Fry can fry foods in healthier, omega-3 rich canola and olive oils. I bet this thing can make some badass sweet potato fries!