Without fitness goals, you’re destined to fail


If you’re like me, you need fitness goals to stay motivated. When you have a very clear, defined target, it’s much easier to stay focused – but too often, people are aimless and become complacent with their workouts. When I was training, one of the first things I’d ask a new client was “what are your goals?” You’d be shocked ... Read More »

Holiday cocktails that won’t ruin your diet

holiday cocktails that won't ruin your diet

It’s hard to believe that yet another holiday season is in full swing – we all know what that means: With all the holiday festivities comes the socializing… and with the socializing comes the eating and drinking (especially the drinking when you’re doing your obligatory family time)… and with the eating and drinking comes the “oh shit, what have I ... Read More »

The best and worst protein bars to keep your body tight!


Have a protein bar conundrum? The most crucial aspect of any fitness routine is definitely the “diet” part. You can work your ass off in the gym every day and undo it all by stuffing your face with empty calories. While the healthiest diet is full of freshly prepared lean proteins and vegetables, most of us don’t always have time ... Read More »

Stepping outside of your comfort zone

Wyoming is beautiful, but the terrain doesn't offer much protection from the crazy winds.

Learning about discomfort the hard way During my bicycle ride across the U.S. a couple of years ago, I encountered many challenges that forced me to cope with some crappy situations beyond my comfort zone (bad weather, mechanical breakdowns, physical fatigue, mental exhaustion, etc). A self-confessed control freak, I had always struggled with situations that made me feel powerless and ... Read More »

Thanksgiving is tomorrow…Are you ready?


Thanksgiving piglets Depending on which study you read, the average American consumes 3,000-4,500 calories for Thanksgiving dinner. 3,000-4,500!!!!! That’s insane! Now I certainly am not going to tell everyone to be strict and eat perfectly tomorrow (I won’t be!), but do try to keep things in moderation. A meal that creates a surplus of 3,500 calories for the day will ... Read More »

To my beloved Gymtards…


Dearest Gymtards (you know who you are) - While your weight slamming, excessive grunting, 1-rep sets are the pinnacle of poor training, I am thankful for you. Yes, I know that no matter how my day is going, your presence is going to make me smile. You creep me out a little when you follow me around the gym and ... Read More »

A cautionary tale of dehydration


Do as I say, not as I do… I do not drink enough water – especially for as much as I train and sweat. I know this. I’ve passed kidney stones that were the result of chronic dehydration. You’d think I would have learned my lesson then, but adequate hydration is something I still struggle with. What’s worse is I ... Read More »

Are energy bars, gels, and drinks making you fat?

energy gels

Energy needs for endurance Any endurance athlete is familiar with the plethora of gels, carb mixes and energy bars available for all phases of training (pre-, during and post-workout). They promise to refuel lost glycogen, replace electrolytes and keep athletes from hitting the dreaded wall. This all sounds great… but when are these products really necessary? Better yet, could unnecessary ... Read More »

Product Review: Zensah Calf Sleeves

zensah compression sleeves pink

In my quest to become a stronger, injury-free runner, I’ve transitioned into neutral, minimalist shoes. My current shoe arsenal includes pairs of Asics Gel Lyte, Newton Gravity, and Adidas Marathon. While I was feeling stronger and faster than ever before, I began having trouble with painful, tight calves. I did some research and found out that this is a fairly ... Read More »

Why “elliptical bunnies” never reach their goals


The elliptical bunny, defined: You know who I’m talking about: the people, primarily women, who go to the gym religiously and dedicate hours on end to their beloved elliptical trainers. You’ve probably notice that their bodies really don’t change much. Sure, they might shed a little weight initially, but that’s about it. Despite the time elliptical bunnies spend on these ... Read More »