Weighing in on “Fit Mom” Maria Kang

The internet is so full of junk, and although I’m often tempted to go off on diatribes over the latest viral time-wasters, I remind myself that my energy is far better spent elsewhere.

But I can’t help myself with this one. The “What’s Your Excuse” controversy sparked by “Fit Mom,” Maria Kang has me fired up.

For those of you who don’t know, Kang started a media firestorm last year when she posted a Facebook pic of herself and her three young sons, showing off her lean, fit physique. A question at the top of the picture asked readers, “What’s Your Excuse?”

My first response to the picture was “you go girl!” A hot body takes hard work, especially after having three kids, three years in a row. This woman obviously worked her butt off, and she should feel good about it. If looking that good were easy, everyone would do it. And folks, look around. Fit bodies are the exception, not the norm. Getting one takes work and dedication that most people aren’t willing to put in. Period.

Now, does pointing that out make me a fat shamer? Does it mean I don’t like heavy folks? Is it an indication that I somehow believe I’m better than others? Absolutely not. It means that being fit is important to me, and that I’m willing to put in the work and sacrifice to get there.

But that’s exactly what happened to Kang. People got their panties in a wad and labeled her a “fat shamer” and “fit bully.” Now explain to me how a simple photo with a challenging statement like “What’s your excuse” could be so offensive? I don’t believe Kang’s intention was to flaunt her body and make other women feel bad about themselves. No, she was simply saying, “hey ladies, look. I’ve had three kids, three years in a row. And I still made it happen. So can you.”

The problem is not Kang, her picture, or even her intention. The problem is the plethora of people who are unhappy with their bodies but unwilling to do anything to change it. And I mean, really change it. Don’t tell me you’ve “tried” dieting or exercising and nothing worked, because you and I both know that’s not true. Weight loss is elementary math — you eat fewer calories than you consume and you’ll lose weight. There’s no magic formula. Weight loss doesn’t require fancy foods or a personal trainer. It just requires the motivation to get out of bed each morning, lace up your sneakers, and go. When you’re serious, you stick to your workouts. You follow your diet. You don’t cheat, because you realize that the only person you’re cheating is yourself. And when you’re disciplined, and you truly want change, you’ll make it happen.

But that takes work, and it’s easier for people to whine about how they can’t lose weight and lash out at women, like Kang, who have a body they wished they had the discipline to attain. The truth is that if you’re looking for excuses, you’ll always find one. Excuses will always be there waiting, calling your name softly, trying to seduce you into mediocrity to maintain the status quo. If Kang offended you, you might need to take a step back and spend a little time reflecting on why she upset you.

The bottom line is people don’t want to be challenged and they can’t stand to have any of their insecurities, inadequacies, or shortcomings pointed out. It’s this same pussy-foot mentality that has made a super chain out of Planet Fitness — the gym that’s not a gym (give me a break). At Planet Fitness, you’re not allowed to grunt or drop a weight, because, heaven forbid you actually work hard. Planet Fitness doesn’t want you to achieve your greatness — they want you to roll around in the slop of your sub-potential. In fact, to ensure their members stay “average,” Planet Fitness gives away free pizza during “membership appreciation parties.”

We appreciate you. Stay fat so you’ll always feel bad enough about yourself to never cancel your membership.

Recently, a woman was asked to leave her Planet Fitness location because she was working out in a sports bra and spandex. She was in great shape, and the managers told her she was “intimidating” the other gym members.


Now, let’s play a little game here and reverse the scenario. If the woman had been overweight and was baring her midsection, would she have been asked to leave? Of course not — that would have been a lawsuit waiting to happen. It’s okay to ask the fit person to leave, but don’t offend the fat person… because that wouldn’t be nice.

When are we going to put our big girl panties on as a society? How did we get this soft? The controversy that Kang started is just indicative of the overall “don’t offend anyone” and “don’t hurt anyone’s feelings” because “we’re all awesome and equal” bull crap that this nation of wimps has cultivated.