When your body just won’t cooperate

Yesterday’s attempt at a long run ended up extremely frustrating… mostly because it didn’t happen.

Due to a slight ulcerative colitis flare, I have been on a diet a primarily composed of liquids for the last week week (protein shakes made up of almond milk, kefir, and whey). I continued to teach spin all week but did not run because I wanted to give my body a bit of rest. I’ve learned the hard way that NOT paying attention to a flare when it first begins can cause it to quickly spiral out of control.

Anyways, about two miles into the planned 15 miler, I knew my body wasn’t happy with me. I felt completely and utterly drained… like each leg weighed 15367986 pounds and each step jolted up my body. I had no energy.

I took a gel at 2 miles in a desperate attempt to pep up, but it wasn’t happening. I changed the music on my ipod to electronic. I started repeating my mantra to myself. I told myself that real athletes fight through this. I dug deep. I tried.

And it wasn’t happening.

We ended up doing 7.5. For the mathematically unsavvy, that is half of what was planned.

Joe gave me a few minutes to beat myself up and pout before telling me (in love) to get over myself. A diet of 800-1000 calories for a week, while still teaching spin each day, is not enough. I couldn’t realistically expect to run 15 miles. And I needed to remember that it is much better to not be able to complete a long run because I’m lacking calories than because I’m in a full-blown ulcerative colitis attack.

Now, all of these things make sense, but I was still convinced my shoes were dead and that played a part of things. So, I picked up a pair of Asics Gel Lyte33′s on my way home.

I ate some food last night and I’m going to have a little breakfast… and we’re going to give this thing a go again today. I’ll be happy to get to 10, and ecstatic to do 15. I’ll report back tonight!